Elijah Ryan • March 17th, 2016 • 5:21pm • 7lbs 15oz • 19in

My estimated birth date was March 15th. After my 37th week of pregnancy I began doing everything [within reason] to facilitate a natural birth with no artificial inductions or interventions. I ate pineapple until I turned into a pineapple...and dates. So many dates. I was a date-flavored pineapple. I also drank red raspberry leaf tea daily and took evening primrose oil. None of these things induced labor, but they did help prepare my body and my cervix for birth. 

On the 15th, I couldn't have felt further from labor. Not even a pinch. The following day, on March 16th, I decided to call Allie and have her adjust me and try accupuntcure for the first time. It was all quick & painless but the only difference I felt was a little more relaxed; a bit more balanced. That night--into the morning rather, at 12:42am on March 17th, I woke up to a gush. "This is it!" I hopped out of bed and dashed to the toilet. There was no mistaking it; my water had broken!! I called our midwife and she instructed me to go back to sleep (yeah right)! I showered and sat awake, adrenaline pumping, and began my hypnobirthing relaxation. 

By 2:45, the real surges had begun. Ten minutes apart and lasting 20 or 30 seconds, they rose over me and receded back. Around 5am, I crawled back into bed and said to my husband, Shawn, "I'm ready for us to do this together." He immediately took on his role as my birth partner--massaging my back and breathing with me. We were both so calm and enjoyed laboring at home in our comfortable space. Shawn made breakfast and made sure I ate plenty of food while our dog, Lady stayed glued to my side as I worked through more surges. I put the idea of pain out of my mind, and though the surges were intense, I experienced each one without fear. Things were going well! 

At 10:30, I knew it was time to go to the birthing center. When we arrived, I checked in at the front, and then I consented to being examined. After a quick check, the midwife requested I take a walk. I did one lap down a flight of stairs, down a hallway, and back upstairs. I was ready. The midwives began drawing the bath while I labored on the toilet, which just happened to be the place I felt most comfortable. Shawn was by my side every second, offering me a cold towel for my neck, a bite of a protein bar, or a sip of water. 

By the time the bath was ready, I was in need of a break--not from pain, but from the work. As soon as my feet hit the warm water, I was in a state of euphoria. It felt soooo amazing and I went straight to sleep for what felt like hours. It had been about 3 minutes. I had no concept of time and I slept in between each surge with my birth affirmations playing in the background. 

Finally, the pressure let me know it was time to breathe out my baby. The midwives were very complicit with my birth plan and let me lead the dance. Wherever I went, Shawn was there, silently using our touch cues to help me relax my face or breathe gently. I listened to my body and felt my son move down and out!! It was exhilarating! When it was time, the midwife instructed me to reach down and pull my baby from the water. I grabbed his tiny body and pulled him to my chest. He coughed once and then opened his little eyes; he had red hair!! He was so alert and just curled up on me while I delivered my placenta. 

Birth was everything I hoped it would be and more. I was well-equipped and educated to give birth naturally and it made me feel like a rockstar! 

Bonus: delivering at a birthing center meant we could go home as soon as we were ready and able! 5 hours after my son was born, I was ready to be in the familiar comfort of my home. 

It's just liberating to be able to give birth on your own terms--a concept that modern medicine has slipped away from, but is slowing coming back to. Hypnobirthing allowed me to birth without fear and it's a memory that will live in my mind forever, not clouded with medications or unwanted interventions. Sitting here now, looking at my perfect baby, I think, "I did that!" My husband and I feel both proud and humbled from this huge accomplishment.      

Tracy and Shawn L.  


Hello, Allie,

Naython and I are so excited to share the news of the arrival of our baby boy.  Yes, we had a whole class of boys after all!  On Saturday evening at 6:26pm we welcomed Kastle Reyn Williams to the world, weighing 7lbs. 11 oz. - alert and healthy.  We had a natural delivery at St. David's Round Rock after laboring comfortably at home for about 9 hrs.  We got to the hospital at 1:30 and I was dilated between 3-4, then things progressed quickly and he was out 5 hours after walking through the door!  It was an intense, exhilarating, beautiful experience to say the least!  Thank you so much for your part in preparing us for this journey.  I credit to HypnoBirthing® for giving us the tools to stay calm and confident.

Much love and appreciation,

Meagan, Naython & Kastle Williams 

From Mellissa:

The HypnoBirthing® class Josh and I took with you really helped! I just thought I'd let you know that because of your help, I successfully delivered without pain medicine, a beautiful 8.14 pound baby boy, whose name is Logan. Unfortunately because of the move (we moved to a different town when Logan was 8 days old), I opted for an induction. I didn't want to do the induction but I also did not want Josh to miss out on such a wonderful job promotion. I was in labor for 10 hours from start to finish. It wasn't easy, I did a lot of walking, bouncing in a ball, a lot of moaning during contractions, and the breathing techniques we learned. I felt really silly sometimes but it helped.  I almost gave in but before I knew it, it was time for him to come out.  Four minutes later, I had my beautiful baby boy.  After it was all said and done, I felt amazing. I was up and walking within forty-five minutes after I delivered; I nursed right away and Josh and I both had a lot of skin to skin time with Logan. If Josh convinces me to have one more (and he is trying),  I think I will have a home HypnoBirth® next time. Especially since now I know I can do it!! I will also gladly tell anyone else to try HypnoBirthing® as well.

From Brooke:

I couldn't have been happier with my experience at Allie's HypnoBirthing® class. I entered my pregnancy knowing very little about the birthing process, and with quite a bit of fear about the potential pain and procedures. Allie was amazing at making a personal connection with each of us and helping us through those fears with clear information and visualization exercises. Part of the journey was confronting emotional issues from the past, and during one of the visualizations I had a few tears running down my face as I thought about collecting the power I'd need to get through the birth from all the people in my life. That sparked a shift in me to view myself as powerful, which is one of the best parts of HypnoBirthing® as a philosophy. When labor started I kept thinking about Allie and her positive energy. We chose to have the birth at a hospital with an ObGyn, and the 15 hours of rushes and pushing was actually easier than I thought it would be. In the end I had a cesarean due to our little girl being in a posterior position, but the calming techniques I had learned were very helpful for that process as well. I continue to use the visualizations and breathing techniques for stress relief at 4 months after the birth.

From Sabrena:

We hired Allie for a private HypnoBirthing® refresher class during my second pregnancy, since we had taken the 5 week class for our first son.  She came to our home with all of her materials and spent plenty of time with us going over the main points and answering all of our questions. She was extremely professional and helped us feel ready for the big day. We would recommend Allie to anyone looking to take a HypnoBirthing® class! 

Helaina (as written by her mother, Candace)

We agreed to an induction since we had done all we could think of to pop her out on her own! She was just not cooperating and the argument about the safety of the remainder of the pregnancy was just one I didn’t want to have. So.... we came into Seton Williamson on Tuesday night to prep and insert the Cervidil which we did 2 rounds of and nothing budged. They came to us and said it was time on Wednesday evening to decide how we want to move from here, with two choices, Cytotec or Pitocin drip. The nurse asked my Dr. what would happen if we were to leave AMA (Against Medical Advice) and she was very matter of fact about saying she and her office would sever all ties with me and my delivery when and if we were to come back (Hill Country HypnoBirthing® note: this is illegal; a doctor cannot abandon a patient without 30 days written notice). Toni and I never asked her to do that, but it was worth knowing. We thought about it for a long time and we decided on the Cytotec with the condition that I was able to start it after a good meal. She agreed and we moved forward, the Cytotec went in at midnight and we continued that until morning. By morning NOTHING had happened at all and we were so frustrated about being stuck in that room. After all these attempts I agreed to Pitocin with the condition of a shower, large meal, and a nap to prepare for the road ahead and the doctor agreed, which I couldn’t believe. Plus we had a WONDERFUL nurse who sweetly called herself the “Granola Nurse" who spoke with me about her approach to induction with Pit and assured me that she would not flood me and would not up the dose if I showed progress of any kind and that we could go as slow as possible for my comforts' sake. I was warned that all the other avenues we tried before the Pitocin may cause a problem at the end of delivery for my clotting factor since each of the previous techniques used an abrasive means of start up. It was a blessing in disguise that we had this nurse because I had asked for a nurse who enjoyed and preferred natural delivery-or as natural as I could get at this point. When all the other nurses had come in prior to her they were curious and asked me lots of questions concerning HypnoBirthting and one even asked to take my folder you guys had made for us to read in her spare time. I don't really think they thought it would go as I had planned. While I was there a woman delivered across the hall that was screaming like someone was chasing her with an ax and Toni kind of freaked for little bit, but when it was game time for us he learned quickly that all of that was unnecessary. Anyway, they started the Pit at 8:30 am on Thursday morning and I was full, clean, and rested, which I think was key for me.

The doctor on call came in and broke my water at 12:30 since I had progressed to 4 centimeters. Things sped up quickly!  By 1:30 pm, I was requesting to be checked because I felt the need to breath the baby down and was using my ”J” breathing successfully. Up to this moment Toni was doing light touch massage, rocking back and forth with me, and Allie’s recorded (MOON trigger) message with some soft sounds in the background of head phones I was wearing which worked wonders. Yes the Pitocin, was fast as it always is but I wasn't bothered by it at all. The nurse rarely bothered us at which times she did not speak to me and never asked me my pain levels as requested.  I asked to be checked at 1:30 pm and was 7 centimeters on my way to 8 centimeters and within about 20 minutes, I was crowning and telling the nurse that the doctor would not make it in time for my delivery.  Once she saw that I was crowning, she was like well we are not supposed to deliver but here we go!  Toni coached me with the pushing part and held one of my legs up since I had chosen to lay down to push, it just felt better to me since I refused stir-ups.  So to everyone’s surprise the nurse who we all loved so much delivered our baby girl! Toni said he watched Helaina wiggle her way out at birth and was amazed. So by 1:59 pm we had a 7lb 9oz, 20 inch, perfectly normal in every way, baby girl in our arms. She was BY NO MEANS a big baby.  Helaina was put to the breast the instant she came out and was allowed to nurse for an hour, which she took to naturally. She barely cried at all, and was so alert and observant. Aside from the bruising on her face from such a rapid delivery, she and I were great. I can say that without HypnoBirthing® my delivery would have gone very differently and I am so grateful for the coping techniques I learned from you guys; it made a world of difference! Overall, our delivery and stay at the hospital was outstanding and I have great memory of her birth. Thank you ladies for all your help!